The Debut of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, in my view, was marred by some stability issues. But with time it has become rock solid

Here are my thoughts in categories I use daily.

Resource Hungry and running fine
Resource Hungry and running fine



Various development platforms are installed on my PC are running on my system right now. With time this has become so seamless. Not to mention some faults that seem to have completely disappeared all over sudden.  A clear indication Canonical are keen on ensuring great experience to its users. Installing things is somehow bending in the Windows next way. A good things for newbies in Development on Ubuntu Linux platform.

The power users are not however robbed off what they love. That is even better. It is a case of both tea and coffee within the same cup but with synthesis for bot to enjoy individually.

Ubuntu Touch SDK is also mixing so well with the release so far. (A more detailed review coming).


With almost every provider for games looking this way, you can only expect the best. Steam just to mention a few. I have No More Room in Hell and I can say for free, the experience is so smooth. Alt+Tab between applications is super fluid. Well expected for a system that is geared towards giving its users the best of both worlds.

Internet access

I have to admit its a breeze to connect to Wireless. The speed, if the hotspot is reliable, is blazing fast compared to my Widows 8.1 installation.

The only thing I wish Ubuntu solves inside this release is how to connect using a USB modem dongle. I have been having crazy issues with my ZTE Orange modem. I am trying to imagine a novice going through the same. Outright turn off.  That, is not a good thing at all.!


Simply put, after installation of the ubuntu-restricted-extras and/or vlc media player, playing videos and other media is so fluid to. Switching between several media types is unstoppable easy and addictive. My HD videos are playing just fine. No worries!


I talked bout this in my previous videos sometime back. But this cannot be complete if i don’t mention it here, albeit.

In the previous releases, using the unity dash had to take some balls(so to put it). It was painfully slow. And on a bad hour, it would force you to wait or restart your computer, and never to think of accessing it again.

Finally, its so tactile. Just like Windows 8.1’s start tile overlay, it comes up just when you need it.

There are also some nifty stuff, most of which you can watch my video to see the sneak peek. Dash Preview.


Canonical have done alot, I presume to ensure this is fluid even when a whole stack of application (resource hungry) are running. The swapping technology has also been streamlined. Issues with multiple transfer if files that caused a system freeze has been neatly handled. Another plus from the Europe based company.

Active Window Read-Ahead Search Feature
Active Window Read-Ahead Search Feature

And again, am loving the read-ahead active search.