Just found out that I can access my Ubuntu Desktop without my password. That is a bad thing to hear, but good news so that we are prepared.

There is a method that one can use in case you forget your password on Linux (case scenario here) Ubuntu.

Apparently, when you are still on GRUB boot loader, you can get there. This is how to do this:

  • On boot, access Advanced options
  • Choose recovery mode for the relevant kernel(you will see some text scrolling up. Just wait a moment…)
  • Choose the option “root” or “Drop to root shell prompt” (You are now root on your system)
  • Change your system from read-only to writable using the following:
    mount -n -o remount,rw /
  • Now type:
    passwd username (replace username with yours).
  • You will be prompted, to enter Unix password twice.
  • A "password updated successfully" message will appear if all went well.
  • You can now reboot and use the new password using: “reboot” command.
A screenshot of the process.

But remember, I said something back about using a sudo alternative?

Video below shows how to set it, and plus it can save you from the above if used as a hack….

Post your thoughts….



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