Windows 10: A preview

I have just seen an article on OMG!UBUNTU.CO.UK by  about Windows 10. They are inviting people to help them make it the success Windows 8 has had. 

That is, to preview and directly report as demoed in the video below by a Microsoft VP of Windows Joe Belfiore:

I cant find a better way to evangalise the success of easy window find on Ubuntu, as has been present since 14.04 LTS. Searching of windows type ahead feature was and still is a great feature.

It will be a show of its success after Microsoft now use it to make multitasking available on Windows 10.

The start menu will have live tiles as well as list of launchable apps and programs. That is creative, to say the least. But I stick to what I said earlier. Its is a reminder of what we enjoy on Unity by Canonical for Ubuntu.

Don’t get me wrong, I have both of this systems installed on my systems. Either dual-booting or just in singularity. But all the same, we should appreciate that Ubuntu have come of age. They have shifted the way we power users and you the novice users view Linux systems.

They have done this in their own way, the way Google did and are doing it with Android and ChromeOS. We can all learn to co-exist and appreciate the best, the original, and the improvements.

What do you think?


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