Wasn't expecting this

Am just saying this. So when you feel like you should hang me, don’t. Its an opinion. So apple has been lashed with all kinds of claims about #BendGate. Its so bad that Apple have resulted to publicly blacklisting some media(not that they have never done it) only this time it has become so much public.

With a phone like iPhone 6 Plus and the price tag it dawns, its unfair for apple to even do that- leave alone giving its, sometimes-if not always- blind followers, a phone that can be compared to cheap tough phones. Honestly, even as a critic, I did not expect apple would make it this simple for me this time.

That was the last thing. Just as a side thought, apple has made innovation become so prevalent and quick. We all appreciate what they have done for this world. But truth be told, some companies have their users only buying their brands, not that it is evil. Some people will not buy mobile devices unless they see a somewhat halfway eaten apple on them. But now lets look at the odds.

We have technology that is way ahead of what apple is so much marketing as latest technology. Things like QUAD HD have long ago been made available by Oppo for instance. NFC is normal to all of us. But apple has its users fooled that they are ahead. Its sad to say that its blind and unfair for the users of apple to even think they are ahead. Companies like Google and Microsoft are making it seem like apple is a copycat.

Maybe they are the ones copying but well, apple should prove otherwise in a rather compelling manner than what we are witnessing right now.

I am using a $111.112359551(KES9,899) phone that cannot be bent with all my strength. Think about what that means for apple. They should come and tell everyone why the flaw (that is far from obvious painfully expensive).

Then there is this suggestion that you can use a case to protect it. Marquee Brown Lee on +MKBHD suggests. I accept it can work, but I can well remember you being against cases because they are ugly. And also because I want the design to be accessible. Not hidden in a hidious protection layer.

I don’t think anyone was going to complain if the phone was thicker but credible in the least.

#BendGate trend

Just a mention, Ubuntu phone is on the way and I hope Shuttleworth is getting some valid lessons here.. When a user (read buyer) spends more than two times the value of a phone on your product, its only but fare fraud doesn’t take prevalence. Just think about. Yes products may come with difficulties, but we don’t expect them when we are spending a fortune.

Now you can stone me…

Read this… Open letter to Apple boss Tim Cook 


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