Ubuntu One Closed

So it finally happened some time early.

Sometime early this year I got a mail from ubuntu about the the “fore-closure”. It seems to me a bad good thing. That is:


We don’t get to have that seamless synchronization like we did.

Anybody who used the service knows how convenient it was. it made me willingly lazy and not to mention always at ease even on serious system crushes. Because I did not have to remember if I updated that last project with my personal cloud. It was just nice to have this feature at my disposal FOR FREE!

Ubuntu One Closed
Ubuntu One Closed



Ubuntu may, in my own view, concentrate on lesser projects than earlier. This to any developer out there will make sense. The lesser you have to manage, the better you will do it. I did not plan to mention it, but I think now that one bag is out of the way for ubuntu, Ubuntu Phone can now materialize faster I have been waiting for the phone for like forever.

Don’t fret:

Ubuntu One has given a solution to the closure of moving the files, or downloading as a giant .zip file. Your choice! one.ubuntu.com


However, I see Ubuntu doing great things amidst the stiff competition and the lovable criticism. The time is running and we can only wait for the best(Ubuntu hope you listening).



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